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Different Types of Sport & Fitness Equipment Needs

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Sport & Fitness can be broken down into several categories, each with its own sub-categories. The main categories are aerobic exercise, strength training, functional training and endurance and functional training. Aerobic is the most important category of exercise as it burns the most calories and helps in losing weight. This sub-category covers activities like swimming, jogging, cycling etc. The strength sub-category includes activities like lifting weights, lifting of heavy objects etc, while the functional training category provides for the training of the body to enable it to do the activities it is intended to perform.

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Since every person has different characteristics and physical capabilities, it becomes essential to customize the exercises so that it works on those areas. Customized functional training programs will provide the best results as compared to general fitness programs and sport & fitness equipment needs. For instance, a person with less flexibility may require resistance training that is different from the one for an athlete with greater flexibility.

All these factors are relevant to the question mentioned above. If a person wants to do Yoga at home, it is not necessary that the same will be done during a soccer game. The flexibility of the muscles will be irrelevant to the game as the ball will not be hit very hard. However, if the home soccer players do not stretch before the game, they will be more prone to injury. Hence, in such a situation, the fitness program will have to be customized accordingly, basing on the skills of the players.

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