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The Two Types Of Competition

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The Two Types Of Competition

When it comes to competition, there are two types that are usually cited as being most prevalent in everyday life. These two forms of competition are physical and mental competitions. In terms of physical competitions, sports are normally the most common and well-known examples. For example, basketball involves throwing the ball at a moving object, soccer involves kicking the ball around a field, track and field involves running, swimming involves swimming against others and wrestling involves holding opponents down until the match referee rules that the match has stopped.

Competition is often a competition in which two or more people strive for a objective that cannot easily be shared: where the gain of one person is the opposite of the loss of another. Normally, competition can also appear between entities like organisms, people, social and economic groups, etc. Most psychologists believe that the drive for competition is an essential part of all our psychological processes and that it is present in all human beings.

In modern society, competitions between groups are usually the object of satire and comedy, whereas in primitive societies, the only real form of psychological competition was sexual competition among males. This is probably because sexual intercourse was seen as the primary way in which children could pass from one generation to another. Today, however, sexual competition is not the driving force behind most human conflicts; rather, most violence and conflict is the result of psychological competition between individuals or groups within a society. In all human societies, competitive motivations drive all action, including politics, business, war, sports, arts and science.

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