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Why Competitions Are Good

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Competitions are an important part of life. In business, competitions exist between organizations to produce, market, distribute, acquire, provide, develop, promote, market, provide quality/service, acquire new knowledge, acquire new technology, etc., in order to stay alive and competitive in the market. Competitions exist even among people who live, work or study at the same place. Where there is no competition, the society operates in a self-sustaining and cooperative mode with little if any conflict.


Competition is also a contest in which two or more entities compete for a common purpose that is not shared: for instance, between organisms in a species, between individuals in a company, between groups of people in a society, between firms in a market. There can be any number of such competitions. For instance, in a city, there may be a number of car manufacturers, each trying to make a popular product that will attract enough customers to boost sales, so that the company profits. The theory of competition states that if the prices of such common goods increase, the producers of such goods will decrease their prices in order to sell out their products and services to the buyers, reducing the size of the firm and leaving them with less profits, but still maintaining a larger number of competitors than before.

Competitions are an essential part of life and all living organisms try to compete with one another, whether actively seeking to win a race, competing to make the most of a given situation, competing to develop a solution to a problem, etc., In sports competition is common, as in life there are always ongoing competitions between organisms to survive, grow, gain skill, and excel in their respective environments. The sports competitions, which take place throughout a season provide an important testing ground for potential athletes. It is not uncommon to see professional and semi-professional athletes training rigorously, often ingesting nutritional supplements in order to improve their physical condition for the games. Of course, when you think about it, the very reason why humans compete in the first place is because they want to survive and be better than their competitors, so it goes without saying that competitions breed excellence. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this.

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