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Why Do Competitions Attract Many People?

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Competition is a competition where two or more entities compete for some common goal that may not be shared: for example, between organisms, people, social and economical groups, etc. The key to winning such competitions is finding something to compete in. Humans have always been competitive in nature; perhaps we are destined to be competitive as we progress through life. Competition has even been known to drive some individuals to greater things, such as feats of physical strength, extraordinary courage, and creative genius. Of course, these are extreme examples; humans rarely stick to any exact patterns in their competition, but this does not mean that they do not need competition to advance towards their goals.


Some types of competitions are known to be particularly fierce in nature, with teams and individuals determined to achieve a particular goal. One example is shown in the world of professional sports. Football clubs try to score more goals, while professional runners strive to finish the distance as fast as possible. Music competitions, such as those held during the Eurovision Song Contest, are also examples of intense competition among music artists. Competitions such as these require not only superb song writing skills, but also technically advanced musical knowledge, as well as determination to reach the required standard.

Youth sports are also very popular amongst teenagers. Youth competitions provide an excellent platform for young people to show off their skills and build personal confidence. Unfortunately, some of the competitions organized by high schools and universities are not very fair, and this leaves many teenagers feeling under-confident and lacking in motivation. These same teenagers then turn to amateur events organized by local sports clubs, often for much lower fees than professional sports clubs, to build up their confidence. Competitions provide a very good platform for youngsters to overcome their insecurities and develop their talent in a highly competitive environment.

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