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Why Do We Need Competitions?

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Why Do We Need Competitions?

Competition is nothing but a battle in which two or more parties try to achieve a common objective that can not be shared: for example, where the gain of the one is the loss of the other. In business, the competition can appear in many forms and in various fields. Competition can also arise between individuals, companies, groups, economical and social groups, and so on. In any case, it is essential to identify the competitions from the non competitors so as to develop a suitable strategy to compete.

Educational competitions are the most common form of competition. The objective of an educational competition is to introduce new and improved teaching techniques and concepts to students so that they can apply them in their academic lives. In fact, teachers usually have to undergo continual training to enable them to cope up with the new demands of modern teaching. Educational competitions are therefore very helpful for developing teaching skills and also help students to overcome their weaknesses. At the same time, teaching is not an easy job; it requires the skills of a teacher as well as knowledge of different teaching styles. Competitions can help teachers acquire those skills and also help students to find out their weak points and build on those instead.

Another type of competition used often in education and training is performance-based competitions. These usually involve a specific set of tasks, which measure the ability of the participants. They may measure reading, writing, listening, coordination or physical abilities. Competitions based on academic self-concept can help to build up the self-concept of the student, as they will be required to explain their works in detail and define their strengths and weaknesses. However, the self-concept should not be the only criterion for judging the winners. Evaluation by performance should be based on several criteria, so that the winner can be clearly defined.

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