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Excellent Fitness Options

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Lakeshore Sport & Fitness are the preferred destination for sport, recreation and fun for residents in Chicago s best neighborhoods. Lakeshore is a diverse community of individuals who engage in competitive, instructional and social sporting activities; and who strive to improve lives by reaching mutually beneficial levels of physical fitness. Lakeshore also is home to various corporations, organizations, institutions and groups. Many of these groups and organizations offer various services that are centered around health and wellness – all while supporting various community interests and beautification initiatives in Chicago. Lakeshore Sport & Fitness include such nationally recognized groups as the United Way of Greater Chicago, Greater Illinois Sports Hall of Fame, Midwest Tennis Association, Chicago chapter of the Sport & Fitness Association of America and the National Tennis Center.

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The activities and events that take place at the lakefront facilities cater to all skill levels and ages – even for the children. Some of the popular and longest running events include the Billiards Tournament, Great Lakes Ice Cream Festival, Velour Half-Pipe Classic and the Velour Pipes Championship. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to compete in many other events, including beachside races, tennis and basketball championships, indoor cycling meets and more. Numerous community events and cultural events take place on a weekly basis at the Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Center.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness provide its residents with a multitude of fitness options including free weights, weight machines, resistance training equipment, aerobic classes, swimming, tennis, ellipticals and more. Regularly schedule tournaments, fitness training classes, fitness camps and social gatherings on a monthly basis. The philosophy of Lakeshore Sport & Fitness centers is to promote an active lifestyle that improves physical health and well-being. The facilities are available to residents of all ages and all fitness levels, which allow the entire family to participate and stay active at the same time.

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