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How to Successfully Manage Competitions in the Workplace

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For some people, there are competitions where everyone does well while others do not. However, there are also competitions where only one player does well while the others fare badly. Competitions are a force to motivate. It makes you work hard in order to excel in whatever you are competing in.


There are different types of competitions, but they all have the same meaning; that is to say, to strive to excel in whatever you are participating in. Competition is a competition where two or more bodies attempt to attain a common objective that can’t be shared: for example, where the gain of one person is the loss of another. Competition can also arise between different socio-economic groups, organisms, people, etc. A contest can also take place within a workplace.

Another example of a workplace competition is between employees who perform the same task. For example, if two employees are doing the same type of task, and one of them succeed, then the coworker will be praised for his or her effort while the employee who failed will receive criticism. If the said coworker was not being motivated by praise, then he or she will take criticisms for not trying very hard. It is therefore important to use praise and recognition in workplace competitions between co-workers and even bosses. In addition, as long as these competitions are fair, then they can increase productivity. But remember that even if it is fair, remember that you still need to win, because the reward for the winner is usually higher than the loser’s reward.

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